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    KIRANA – Sanskrit meaning “shining ray of light”


    Hi, Robyn here – creator of KIRANA …. it’s lovely that you’ve stopped by to get to know us a bit. I’m so thrilled to be releasing our 4th collection of KIRANA sandals, and this year I’m even more elated to welcome the addition of Boho apparel into the Kirana mix.

    I was inspired to start KIRANA by the smiley little gent you see with me - my little wonder-son, Ocean.

    Ocean is an incredibly unique 5 yr-old boy living with:

    • Cerebral Palsy - a neuromuscular condition effecting all his limbs;
    • Epilepsy – seizures and;
    • Fragile X syndrome - a genetic condition of intellectual, behavioural & learning challenges

    Due to Ocean’s conditions he’s currently a non-verbal and non-mobile little lad, but boy does he have a killer-watt smile to brighten the cloudiest of days! My biggest hope for Ocean is that one day he'll be walking next to me whilst chatting up a storm to his Mama.


    Being a single Mum to a special needs super-child it was challenging to hold down a regular job due to Ocean’s on-going medical and therapy needs, and so I created KIRANA from our little home in Scarborough, Australia with the aim of generating sustainable income to not only fund Oashie’s life but to genuinely better it.

    Each year I explain where proceeds from the new collections’ sales will be funnelled. The last 3 years focussed on supporting Ocean’s weekly therapies, including Paediatric Physiotherapy, CME Medek training & specialised private intensive training courses.


    THIS year, in addition to the continued support of Ocean’s therapies I have another huge goal that I’d love to achieve…….. and this is it:

    I would absolutely love to buy my very first car for Ocean & I.

    Yes, I knowwwww, getting around in Australia car'less at 42 yrs old is pretty-much unheard of. I marvel at how I’ve moseyed around for the past 25 years without one, especially over the last 5 years toting Ocean here, there & everywhere. Let me tell you, squeezing wheelchairs, equipment & a little dude in and out of Ubers & public transport has been entertaining to say the least!

    No doubt, the new family addition of some cute wheels will be a game-changer for us. I look forward to tooting Ocean around to various new extra-curricular activities that he’s been unable to attend due to location, and I'll be thrilled for him to have the opportunity to socialise with kids from his school of a weekend.


    Ocean is now 5 years old and his adventurous spirit has very much kicked in, and while we love living in the lovely beachside town of Scarborough in Perth, it’s time that this little duo ventured out of our 3km radius that we circumnavigate day in & day out.

    My plan is to treat Ocean to little “weekenders” around Perth so he, too can enjoy some holidays away from home.

    All that to say, Ocean and I invite you to add some KIRANA sandals & boho threads to your wardrobe this Summer.

    We hope you love our brand. It’s truly built from love for my biggest life-love.

    THANK YOU in advance for choosing to walk with KIRANA & for ultimately supporting Ocean’s exciting new adventures on the horizon.


    Oodles of hugs & sunny days,

    Robyn & little Ocean xo