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    Since the launch of KIRANA in December of 2016 I promised to dedicate the name of each style to every single person who assisted in supporting me in the start-up of this sandal project

    This 2020 Toffee-Summer collection honours the last 4 phenomenal women who opened their hearts to building the Kirana brand back during its inception in 2016 

    So to .…

    Bernetta Bernie Lee

    Davina Pratt

    Lisa Carnovale


    in honour of Vanessa Isgro Qutami's daughter, Ely (Elyana)

    … to each of you ladies, thank you so, so much for stepping up during a really difficult time in my life. Apologies it's taken 4 collections for me to personally honour your kindness & thank you. Your generosity will never be forgotten.

    Once again to the most wonderful duo I could ever have hoped to work with – Kirana's ambassador model Marie-Claire Dowling (my amazing bestie) & key photographer Karen Lucev (loveliest, kindest friend) from Kazelle Images - thank you, thank you, thank you for your continued support of Oashie & for literally giving this brand wings.

    To Ms. Alicia Navarro - angel from across the seas, who steps up every single year without fail to help me with all the "techie-stuff" on my site. 

    I'd like to make mention of the groovy t'shirt that Marie-Claire, our Kirana model is wearing in the shoot of the YALE sandal. The slogan "Mighty Fierce" is one of the fabulous inspirational tee's created by fellow special-needs Mama Emma Albert's "Mighty Able" apparel label. Mighty Able is a brand inspired by one of Ocean's fellow special-needs pals named Mikey, with the ethos of the brand aiming to celebrate all abilities & spreading a message of inclusion. Please check out & support Emma & Mikey's full collection of inspirational baby, kids and adult apparel at :


    To my close-knit girl crew, akin to my family (Meggle, KTG, MC, Robyn, Ayesh, Lisa, and Eileen)…… thank you soooooo much girl-squad for having my back 24/7-365. Collectively you make my days lighter and brighter, and I love each of you dearly.

    And lastly to my main squeeze – Wonder-son Ocean Zander Noah Zekri, I just love being your Mummy!  Your presence continues to rock my world every single day with a sense of immense love and pride. 

    My life is truly extraordinary for having you in it!

    ROBYN xoxoxo