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    KIRANA – Sanskrit meaning “shining ray of light”

    Hi, I’m Robyn…… and the strapping young lad you see me with is my little son named Ocean, whom I often refer to as “my little ray of sunshine”, thanks to his killer-watt smile, and bright nature.

    Ocean is an incredibly unique little boy who optimistically lives with:

      • Cerebral Palsy - a neuromuscular condition effecting all his limbs;
      • Epilepsy - seizures, and;
      • Fragile X syndrome - a genetic condition causing intellectual disability, behavioural & learning challenges

    At the moment Ocean is a non-verbal and non-mobile child. I stress at the moment because I tell Ocean everyday that he will walk and will talk one day, despite what some professionals have indicated.

    As a single Mum to a special needs super-child it has made it difficult to work regular hours and save, and so this little project KIRANA was created in the hope that proceeds will be put towards bettering Oashie’s life – creating the means for him to travel, have clothes and toys, therapeutic equipment and additional therapies for continued positive development. 

     Ocean and I welcome you to add a pair of KIRANA sandals to your shoe collection, and hope you find them as comfy as I do. Please know that when you purchase them they are not only fun sandals for you to kick around in, but you are directly contributing to Ocean’s adventures, happiness and life. Furthermore you are supporting the lovely community in Bali who hand-makes these sandals with love  ….. for all of this we thank you with so much heart.

    So, while you walk on sunshine wearing our KIRANA sandals, my biggest hope in life is that hopefully Ocean, too, can walk one day.

    I will continue to encourage my son to believe in the power of positive thinking, believe that anything is possible for him, and so my message to Ocean today and everyday is echoed within Kirana's tag line

    Walk on, my little SonShine!

    Big hugs & many thanks for the love & support,  

    Robyn & little Ocean xx

    Perth, Australia