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    KIRANA – Sanskrit meaning “shining ray of light”


    Hi, Robyn here – creator of KIRANA …. heartfelt thanks to you for stopping by to get to know us a bit. I’m so excited to release our 3rd collection of KIRANA sandals and every day I am grateful to each and every one of you who’s added a pair of Kirana’s to your shoe collection thus far.

    A bit more on me and how Kirana came to be; it begins and ends wholly & solely with the smiley young gent you see with me - my son, Ocean.

    Ocean is an incredibly unique 4 year-old little boy living with:

    * Cerebral Palsy - a neuromuscular condition effecting all his limbs;

    * Epilepsy - seizures, and;

    * Fragile X syndrome - a genetic condition of intellectual, behavioural & learning challenges

    As a single Mum to a special needs super-child it’s challenging to work regular hours and save, and so this project KIRANA was created in the hopes of generating sustainable revenue to assist in bettering Oashie’s life.

    Every sale from this 2019 “Long Weekend” collection will be put towards Ocean’s continued weekly therapies, including Paediatric Physiotherapy, CME & Medek training, Occupational, Speech & Hydro therapies.

    My greatest goal right now, is for Ocean to attend the Saba Rose Button Foundation's REHAB-ME Intensive Collective therapy program in September 2019, which will primarily focus on improving core-strength and upper-limb coordination.

    Ocean attended his first 3 week Intensive therapy course in January of 2019 thanks to the sales of KIRANA.

    To see Ocean at work watch this short video:

    You can read about the RehabMe program here 

    Kirana sandals are hand-made with love by a special factory in Bali, headed by my friend Nyoman. We have formed a really wonderful friendship where we mutually respect one another’s dreams of building a better future for our families….. so thank you for not only supporting Ocean but also this small Bali factory that now has a continued business relationship with Australia.

    Kirana sandals are like walking on sunshine in so many ways. I am a big believer in looking on the bright side of everything in life.

    Ocean and I invite you to try KIRANA sandals this Summer. I wear them every day in warmer weather and hope you find them as comfy as I do. While you enjoy walking in our KIRANA sandals, my biggest hope in life is that hopefully Ocean, too, may walk and talk one day.

    I will continue to encourage my son to never give up on believing that anything & everything is possible in this life.


    Big hugs & Sunny days ahead,

    Robyn & little Ocean xo

    Perth, Australia